Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Young, Wild & Free...

*LG G2x
*Miui 1.11.4
*Miui Launcher
*Banner LS-modded by me
*Framework-compiled by me
*mClock-xClock modded by me, original by kimboprice
*Matte Icons-by me, releasing soon
*Skull Page Indicators-by trentmorris
*Dock-by me
*SexyRibbon Photoframe-by me
*The Meleka MusicMod-by Godbody
*Wallpaper: Modded by me: added some grainy effect

*Need Anything Ask!

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  1. again,a gorgeous set-up..craving for those icons to release:D

    can i have the hs wall?please?:)

  2. the type of screen that make you go like dayuuuummmm ..awesome screen bro. ugh :D

  3. anyway i can get the wallpaper and the lock screen?(not the ls wall ha)
    looking sexy as always!

  4. @anonymous here is the hs wall1:

    @suprano thank bro lol

    @anonymous here is the hs wall:

    and the moddded BannerLS:

  5. looking forward for the matte icons:))

  6. Do you mind sharing the homescreen mtz? I have the skull indicators, but don't know how to change the dock image itself. Also, how do you manage to get the hs wallpaper to be portrait? I've tried everything :(

  7. @anonymous thanks, soon!

    @johnald hs mtz is nfr, the dock is nfr, gonna be released with a new theme

    i use multi-picture live wallpaper app
    i pick show entire pic in that

  8. I think the gmail icon would look better if the M was white and the lines behind were red. :)

    Just a suggestion

  9. @johnald will do, ill make an alternative one, thanks for the suggestion :)

  10. Cool, no worries. Can't wait to get my PC up and running. Would love to start working on some themes myself. I've been mobile too long! lol

  11. Can you share the wallpaper in your lockscreen?? the girl...hehehe..

  12. here is the ls wall:


  13. Can you post the picframe wallpaper as well!!!! Hot! !!

  14. @anonymous here you go:

  15. Hey man can't wait for the icons!! I see that you say your using the miui launcher but where are all the app icons? Is this a different launcher? If so which one are you using?

  16. thanks and yea it is miui launcher all of my other apps are on my 4th page which i didnt show plus most of them are in a folder

  17. Any estimate on when the matte icons are gunna be released? I've been using illest for a while and I'm looking for another nice set to use. Your work is always amazing. Keep it up

  18. @taylor im trying to release the first set by the end of this month and thank you!

  19. Can i get the pic frame?

  20. @anonymous, i still gotta tweak it a lil, then ill post it here