Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Nothing special, just playing arround with pure music widget skin.

Chronotopia mod (battery line) by me
WLtheme by me
Custom Statusbar by me
Pure music widget mod by me using Sticky Skin for CAD by mickka



  1. the statusbar is very nice, could you please share it?

  2. Is the PMW skin for MDPI? Screensize looks like HDPI. Can you release it?

  3. @majetco
    Sorry, its for personal use only :(

    @Bryan Fury
    its for MDPI and HDPI. my phone is MDPI.
    PMW is a paid app, i can't release it for public. but, if you was purchased, just show proof that you purchase the app here http://mutiia.wordpress.com/2011/11/23/teardrop/ and i'll release the .apk to you

  4. Sure but I was just thinking the 2x2 looks a bit big on the display oN MDPI. Any plans on scaling it down a bit? And btw any tut you could give on changing the statusbar? Would like to learn that so I could edit my own...