Friday, September 30, 2011


Actually, i was not quite sure with this setup but finally i decided to keep this setup for this weekend.

- minimalistic text hand of sean font and airplanes in the night font
- widget locker theme, delight by KingDavid36
- Fancy widget pro, androdena galassia skin
- Icons, lunar UI icons
- LS wall
- HS wall 

Feel free to ask what you need.

Looking forward to read your opinions 

Illest CM7 Theme v1.0

Here it is Illest For CM7!

*Statusbar Has Been Themed
*40 Illest Icons Have Been Added, More Coming Soon!
*Other Things Themed: volume bar, highlight colors, download bar, etc..

*Illest WidgetLocker Theme Can Be Found Here:Link

*Download Illest CM7: Link

*Make Illest App Icon Requests Here: Link

*Miui Version of Illest Here: Link

*Theme Will Cost a $1

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Back in Business

All rights of the pictures, icons, docks, themes, etc. shown on this website are reserved by the authors themselves.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Every Friday is feel good Friday

ADW EX+Notifier
Absolute32 icons by zen-nikki
Pure Music Widget
LS wall by editor02

Have a nice Friday :)

..Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thang

WidgetLocker w/ Slider by Chris Bnks
Minimalistic Text
Missed It!
BlueST Icons
Desktop Visualizer
Minimalistic Text
Fancy Widget Pro
Music Mod
Shout out to the homie himself, kgill, for helping me embed the icons/dock on the wallpaper
More Details on My DA page


Credit to Akoe101, DJ Carpenter, behemoth and kgill77 for using their stuff.

Droid X. Miui 1.9.16

Lockscreen modded by Akoe101

Dock by DJ Carpenter

illest icons by kgill77

MIUI 2x4 clock

Taped Music Mod link

Lockscreen wallpaper link

Homescreen wallpaer link

Be sure to check out my DeviantArt too!

HUD Lockscreen For MIUI

All i gotta say is dbilliter you da man! This is the best lockscreen i have seen for Miui! Everyone knows dbilliter from his other great themes like Naked Simplicity and Evoluer, and now he has outdone all other lockscreens!

If you want the HUD Lockscreen make sure you are on Miui and head on over to dbilliter's site to download!


I'm back with a new setup......Yay

Miui 1.9.16
I'm using Aeolus Hd (black out version) by Raadius  and you can get them here
Mclock with the meizu theme by R3D X and you can get that here
Lockscreen by Wez89 and its called slide up and you can get that here
Pure music widget and i got that from the blog itself

Feel free to hit me up if you need anything 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gloozy mClock Skin by d3stroy

d3stroy has made some awesome before and now hes had come out with a new mClock skin called, Gloozy!

Installation :

Unzip the files to your sdcard (sdcard/mClock/gloozy)
Be sure to use the exact location as shown above, or the clock background will NOT work.


Make sure you have mClock installed from the app market!

Here's a link to d3stroy's deviantart: Link

Retro Static

MIUI 1.9.16 w/ Extended Settings Mod

Mela HD Lockscreen
examinationEX Status Bar

Launcher Pro+
Minimalistic Text
Retro Icons (Linkkk)
Dock by me - based off blieblieed's version

Anything else jus ask!

Fun In The Sun

ROM: MIUI 1.9.23
Launcher Pro Plus
Minimalistic Text
LS Wall-
HS Wall-
MIUI Status Bar- Interior Designer
Icons- RD's dark Orange V1


This is my current setup.

I port the Drip CAD skin by d1ckies to Pure Music Widget (WIP)
I port the LS Dial for iPhone by ThtOthrPrsn to WidgetLocker theme (waiting for permissions to release it)
Mild Icons by qishui
Dripping Wall by Kingmani100
Theme LunarUI by REDX mod by me (change the statusbar_background.png, music icon and WL icon)
Credit to all creator

Tell me what you guys think ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You see it...

This is my setup still rocking miui and loving it.....

1.9.16 miui

I'm using Modern Sense theme you can get it from here

sticky tape music mod and I got it from xda

same picture frame and you can get that from here

And the girl is El Wood

Simple Desktop

I am playing with my home screen lately. This is my latest setup.

- LS wall here
- HS wall here
- Fancy widget pro ~ tick skin
- Minimalistic text font ~ hand sean font.
- icons are Signa Icons.

Tell me what you like and dislike :)

Purple Nurple

Droid X running MIUI 1.9.16

Credit to Akoe101, behemoth and kgill77 for letting me use their stuff!

Lockscreen modded by Akoe101

illest icons by kgill77

The rest is my theme (NFR at the moment)

Mi-Genie mClock mod link

Lockscreen wall link

Homescreen wall link

Be sure to check up on my DeviantArt for more stuff!





Minimal Magic Theme
Illest icons
Super minimal sense slider
BW dirty paper skin

Illest CM7 Edition

Here is a Preview of Illest for CM7, Coming This Week!

*EaglesBlood 2.1 CM7 Rom
*Illest Widget Locker Theme: not the mclock just the sense ring
*LauncherPro 9x10
*mClock: gloozy superblack
*Illest Icons (will be included in the theme)
*Beautiful Widgets 4x1 Flat Black Skin
*Redid the gmail icon to black to go with the screens
*Left Hand Corner at the top is widgetlocker icon

*Need Anything Ask!

Follow Me on Twitter:!/kgill7

Mixed Sauce

ROM: MIUI 1.9.23
Illest Icons by KGill77 ;)
Minimalistic Text
MIUI LS theme-Glass
Dock-Suave HD
Status Bar-iKun
LS Wall-
HS Wall-

Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Humor

Droid X running Miui Gingerbread1.9.16

Credit to Akoe101, behemoth and kgill77 for letting me use some of their stuff!

My own them (NFR at the moment)

illest icons by kgill77 link

modded lockscreen by Akoe101

Lockscreen wallpaper link

Homescreen wallpaper link

And as always, be sure to check out my DeviantArt too!


Hey, here's my actually theme.
The Ring Lockscreen is by Valera Trubachev.
This will probably included in CM7 soon.
So doixanh decided to push it already in his latest Custom ROM for X8.
When pressing on the middle Ring you can set up to 4 apps or shortcuts.
I think it's awesome.

Font: Antipasto
CM7 Theme: Deuces by Kgill7

All rights of the pictures, icons, docks, themes, etc. shown on this website are reserved by the authors themselves.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is my setup for this monday, finally using new dope mClock by R3D_X.

- I will upload walls later when im home.
- Icons for android by knight, here
- Minimalistic text, various free version font.
- Lunar elegant mClock.
- Beatiful widget tick skin.

Looking forward for your opinions :)


I was happy to use the little icon on my screen. It makes my screen looks wide

ADW EX+Notifier
Theme LunarUI by REDX mod by me (change the statusbar_bacground.png and WLicon)
Pure Music Widget

feel free to ask here ;)

Saturday, September 24, 2011


MIUI 1.9.16 w/ Extended Settings Mod


Beautiful Widgets (Tick Skin)

Lyrically Perform Armed Robbery

HTC Thunderbolt

Widgetlocker (Inspired by Tranquility LS for iPhone)
Badge Unlock by May Electric
Minimalistic Text
Simple Elegance mClock
Fancy Widget Pro w/ Devolted Skin
DVR w/ AeolusHD Project Dark Icons
Custom FW NFR (Will be sticking with this for a while. Finally happy with it)
LP+ 9×10 w/ Wodden Dock
Music Mod by Sour Cherry Designs
The Infamous and Ever Popular Bar code Battery

mClock, Music Mod, Wallpapers, Icons and Dock are linked on my Deviant Page

Saturday Morning

*Made New Icons For Illest: 

*Miui 1.9.23
*Launcher Pro 9x10
*Minimalistic Text: Walkway Font
*Simplicity Black v1 Lockscreen
*Illest Theme

Follow Me on Twitter:!/kgill7

Dripping MIUI

cMIUI 1.9.16 with Switched Extended Mod Settings

# Minimalistic Text
# Photo Frame Skined
# Player Muisc Mod
# VA Asteria Icons some modded by me
# .mtz Theme by me NFR

Friday, September 23, 2011


Happy weekend :)

This is my setup for now, still with my style and yea still with my own dock.

- icons are iPhonious
- LS minimalistic text is caviar dreams bold
- HS minimalistic text is bellerose
- LS wall here
- HS wall here

So tell me your opinions :)

MIUI Style

MIUI 1.9.16 w/ Extended Settings Mod

Modern Sense Lockscreen

Unknown name for icons? here's a link for the mtz


this is widgetlocker theme (sense slider)

i mod that theme from iphone slider to sense slider and put the image on the top.

lemme know what you guys think ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stay Stufd

Just like my last post, I have to give credit to the authors who made this setup possible. Big thanks to Akoe101, behemoth and kgill77 !!

Theme is NFR at the moment.

Lockscreen modded by Akoe101

MIUI 2x4 clock

Illest icons by kgill77

Lockscreen wallpaper link

Homescreen wallpaper link

And be sure to check out my DeviantArt page for more Android, Rainmeter and some photography!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

First thing is first... I have to give credit to the authors of some of the framework icons I used this time around. A big thanks to Akoe101, behemoth and kgill77 !!

Besides that.... Droid X running MIUI Gingerbread

The theme is NFR at the moment, until I make some adjustments

Minimalistic Text

Font- Futura Light BT

Pinned Music Mod link

Lockscreen wallpaper link

Homescreen wallpaper is pre-loaded MIUI

Be sure to check out my DeviantArt page too for more Android, Rainmeter and photography!

Random Illest Icon Set

Ok, so i thought i would a random icon set just for fun, so here you go!

*Elmo and the Cookie Monster were made for my lil nephew lol

*12 Icons In Zip

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Insert Witty Name Here

HTC Thunderbolt running Liquid 3.0
Widgetlocker w. Slider by Chris Banks and Glaskart Icons
(framework nfr)


Here my new setup.....

Latest Miui
The status bar is from here
The icons set is well you know its the illest
Music mod and got that from here
Anything else just let me know..... o_O

Monday, September 19, 2011

Eat Me

Droid X running Gingerbread MIUI 1.9.16

My own theme that can be found here link Be sure to chance it from a .zip to an .mtz

mClock ribbon clock v2 by ChrisBanks2

Minimalistic Text

Font- Lowvetica

Pins Music Mod

Lockscreen wallpaper can be found here link

Homescreen wallpaper can be found here link

And be sure to check out my DeviantArt for more Android, Rainmeter and Photography!

We're Not Done Just Yet

MIUI 1.9.16 w/ Extended Settings Mod

LG Optimus Lockscreen
LunarUi/evoluer Status Bar

Minimalistic Text

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Illest Icon Set v1.1

Here it is an update to my, Illest Icon Set, version 1.1!

*Added More Icons
*Mtz has been fixed so that the icons that are not themed, still have the illest look

I am Still taking requests for more icons to be added!

If you wanna make requests go here:

Download Mtz: Link

Download Regular Zip:Link

Follow Me on Twitter:!/kgill7


Sorry I haven't been posting, my Desire's screen broke and I'm stuck with a non-rooted HTC Hero as a loaner phone and it will take 8-10 weeks before my phone gets back to me


MIUI 1.9.16 [ EVO ]



this is my weekend setup :D

ADW ex+notifier
Custom statusbar by me
WL Theme by me
Mix icons (packy and pixelophilia )
Pure music widget

tell me what you need ;)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Street Lights

Happy weekend :)

This is my latest setup.

- icons Aeolus HD by Raadius
- mClock theme, image modded by me, credit to original creator
- dock "unnamed" (dunno the right name yet :D ) by me
- font for minimalistic text, comfortaa light and bellarose.
- HS wall [here], LS wall [here]

Tell me your opinions :)

illest for miui

Here is the first release of Illest for Miui. Please use your default email account, because that is where i will be sending the theme and updates for the theme. No refunds will be made! I am willing to take suggestions for additional icons or changes to the theme. Once you buy it, you will receive an email with the theme!


*Illest Icon Set
*Custom Statusbar
*Custom Sense Lockscreen
*Custom Indicators
*Icon Folder
*Themed Notifcation Pulldown
*Volume and Download Bar

Theme Is For A $1

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Simplism Slider
Illest Icons
Easy Day theme (still)
Mila Kunis!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

I Stand Alone

Running Liquid 3.0 on my HTC Thunderbolt
Widgetlocker w/ MIUI Slider by Chris Banks
Missed It!
Phanton Music
Minimalistic Text
DVR w/ VIP HD icons
Fancy Widget Pro w/ Sammy Weather skin
LP+ 9×10 w/ “Hyphen Dock” by me
Framework Modded by me (NFR)
Nano Music Mod by King David
Audio Manager (Small)

"What She Doin?"

MIUI on Droid X
Icons are mixed from Glaciens, Absolut, Oceano and others.
Dock is from iTenek
For everything, download this backup
Lockscreen will be officially released sometime soon.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

illest sense ls

Ok this is the final version of the lockscreen for my Illest theme!

I redid the whole thing, i thought to go with sense, since it looks so cool!

Tell me what you guys think!

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