Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Like A Boss!

Yup, Like a Boss....

So I wanted to do some screens for my new theme Bars and the matte icons!

*LG G2x
*Galnet Miui ICS 1.11.9
*Stock Miui Launcher
*Bars Theme
*Bars LS
*Minimalistic Text-Pixelation Font
*Fancy Widget 1x1-Flat Black Weather Skin
*Mmmmhmm Ribbon Photoframe
*Ribbon Music Mod-By madthevillain 
*Matte Icons
*Bars Page Indicators
*Dock-From Bars

*Need Anything Ask!

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  1. yea its in the miui themes section up top on the left called Bars, for a $1..

  2. loving this setup man very nice!

  3. AHA! .this kid kicks be off to cm7 & he enjoys all the fun on MIUI ..lol this is sick bro..BTW ain't it supposed to me "Bosd"? hahaha

  4. lol ahahaha thanks bro and i thought id let you use the "Bosd" for ur screens :D

  5. Im trying to get it like this I got the bars theme but dont know how

  6. Like I wanted to have the theme look like that xD and I thought this was the bars theme but it looks different. is there a way I can make it look like this theme

  7. @eddym123 that is the bars theme! if you look in the description it tells you what i used!

  8. sorry this is the first time I have try changin manually a MIUI theme. but I dont know how to get the clock and the weather to look like that. The background and the lockscreen background dont know where u got it. :*( sorry

  9. @eddym123
    *ok the clock is minimalistic text app from the market
    *weather is fancy widgets 1x1
    *and here are both wallpapers: