Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Splash of Color

Running Liquid 3.0 on my Thunderbolt
Widgetlocker w/ Stock ICS Theme
Minimalistic Text w/ Android Clock Font
Illest Icons by kgill
Page Indicators by Raadius
Dock I got from Suprafreak
Minimalistic Text Assesine Font


  1. where can we get page indicators?? like the look of your setup

  2. i like this Worm, anyway, you said that it is widget locker stock ICS theme, do you mean, there is new widget locker version? becoz i think im quite left behind.

  3. Desylvia - Yes, there's a new version. It was released last Tuesday. Sense 3, ICS and Honeycomb themes are now available

    Anonymous (really btw?) I found them on DA, I'm not sure who made them

  4. @Worm ah yes, i was late to upload my widget locker :D .. i got them too now.