Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cocaine Noir

My First Ever MIUI Screens!

Thanks to erishasnobattery and DroidVicious for bringing this wonderful ROM to the HTC Thunderbolt!

MIUI 1.11.4
Ikun Lock Screen
LP+ 9x10
Minimalistic Text
Cocaine Noir Icons
Custom Status Bar (NFR)
Tic Tac Toe Page Indicators by Trent Morris
Paper Frame by Ricky Pereira
Beautiful Weather 4x1 w/ yr-icons skin


  1. Love the icons and lockscreen wall. If possible, can you share them? Thanks!

  2. The lock screen wall can with the lock screen. The icons, iirc, weren't publicly released so I'm not sure if I can share. I'll ask the creator

  3. looking real good. Any link to the picture frame? thanks

  4. @Tyson, I answered you on Deviant Art already.

    @Tiffany here are the icons