Monday, November 14, 2011

Bars Themev1 for Miui!

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Bars Themev1 for Miui!This theme also includes my Matte Icon Set!

*Whats Themed
*Matte Icons
*Custom Dialer
*Notification Icons
*Custom Indicators
*Icon Folder
*Themed Notifcation Pulldown
*Volume and Download Bar
*Custom Dock

*Theme Is For A $1

Please use your default email account, because that is where i will be sending the theme and updates for the theme. No refunds will be made! I am willing to take suggestions for additional icons or changes to the theme. Once you buy it, you will receive an email with the theme!

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  1. aha.. here it is. Looking awesome

  2. love this theme already bought it! thanks for your hard work. thank maybe in the next update you can change the background of the messaging to black?

  3. How did you theme the widget locker notification? I've been asking around and searching Google for days but can't find an answer. When I use metamorph, ninjamorph, root explorer or any other file program to replace the notification _icon.PNG, I get fc's and freezes from all my widgets and WL uninstalls. Im super confused. If you could explain it to me in an email, tweet, message, anything, I would be SUPER appreciative. Anyways, great work. I love the new icons in this theme. Might switch ROM's to try it out. Keep up the good work