Saturday, July 30, 2011

Double Stripe by WormDoes

Here's another LP+ dock I made for myself based off my previous dock "Stripe by WormDoes" You can download this from my Deviant Art page. I am working on a couple new docks at the moment so be sure to keep an eye here and my DA page. Thanks and hope everyone enjoys it!

Never Gotta Sweat That

HTC Thunderbolt | CM7 1.4

mClock Circles Mod

Minimalistic Text
Desktop Visualizer w/ AeolusHD/PurityFS icons
SiMi Folder
LP+ 9x10 w/ Dock I Made

Pins MusicMod
FancyWidget Pro Devolted Skin

If you'd like anything please feel free to ask

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Own

I had nothing to do tonight, so I decided to play with some .psd files.

This is my first attempt at making icons and docks and such, but I think I did ok for the first time. I like things being minimal so that was my state of mind for the icons. There is definitely room for improvement and I am looking forward to working on better icons this weekend.

Droid X running MIUI
Icons/Dock by Me
Iphone 4g status bar
Minimalistic Text for date/time
Font is Lowvetica and can be found here
Lockscreen Wall is here

And as always, be sure to keep up with my on DeviantArt too!


Here's a preview of one of my next themes that im working, called Sunny, basically its a continuation of Cloudy, but this time its Sunny!

Widgetlocker Theme: By Mutia found on:[link]
Minimalistic Text Font:Steinerlight
Muisc:Ubermusic Beta 3 1x1
Dock By WormDoes
LauncherPro Plus 10x10


in here i'll share how to make your lock screen looks like iPhone lock without using MIUI rom (i'm on CM7).
Download the psd file to make the background clock and StatusBar transparent.
Download mtpref files to be extracted and placed in a folder minimalistictextpreferences on your sd card .

You have to do now is edit the psd files to fit your device screen size.
After that, select minimalistictext 4x2 widget on your lockscreen and restore files ilock.mtpref to make the hour and date.
Then select 2x1 minimalistictext widget on your lockscreen and restore files carrier, lock and battright, then resize to 1x1 size. do not forget to change the carrier name.
To make them tight, do not forget to change the rows/coloumns in widgetlocker settings> look & feel> layout into 10x4.

just feel free to ask here.
happy theming ;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Streaks Icon Pack For ADW/LPP

This is my first icon pack of that I have created. This theme contains about 150 icons with more to come. I am willing to take requests on additional icons to be included.

Dots and Wood

Here's my first post here

Widgets - Minimalistic Text and Desktop Visualizer

Wallpapers- Random walls from the Flikie mobile site


Icons- Streaks by kgill77 -

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is the life

My first post here and it came from boredom at work well here we go. First off I'm using cm7 on my hd2 with launcher pro 9x10. As for Widgets I like to keep it simple so just minimalistic text and beautiful widgets 1x1 weather. I got the font from dafont. The second screen all I'm using is music mod with the modded XML by Taine0 and I got that from xda.

Music To My Ears

Droid X running MIUI!!!
mClock ribbon calendar and clock mods by chrisbanks2
Darkr47z status bar
Dock and Icons themed by akoe101 still NFR at the moment.
Lockscreen wallpaper can be found here

And as always, be sure to watch me on DeviantArt

Minimal Meet Minimal

HTC Thunderbolt | CM7 rc1.3
Minimalistic Text
mClock electic mod (NFR)
Minimalistic Text
LP+ 10x10 w/ dock I made

Life is Mnml by mzmz83

Hey, here's  another one from my own favourite shots.
I hope you enjoy it.

-ROM CM7 (2.3.4)-

-Launcher Launcher Pro-

-Homescreen & Backround Wallpaper-

-Lockscreen Wallpaper-
-Icons Semplecita-HD-

-Special Thanks@all.-

-Minimalistic Text-
-SMS Unread Count-

All rights of the pictures, icons, docks, themes, etc. shown on this website are reserved by the authors themselves.

mClock Mod-DayClock

here's an mClock mod im working on called DayClock

Shows the day and time, still wip!

thanks to WormDoes for the string thingy!

Pin Music Mod Theme

So Taine0 made his own pins skin and modded the free music application 'music mod'

He themed the 4x3 widget, but it doesn't take up the whole screen, as you can see by the screen shot. You need a launcher with the ability to resize (i think) not tried otherwise.

He takes no credit for the application, all he did was edit the XML and add his own version of pins music skin.

Not sure which roms this will work on, he's on CM7 and it works perfectly.

Just install the APK and select the 4x3 music widget. DONE


I Miss You

Holaaa ;)
This screen is dedicated only for this blog. I miss being a blogger. Enjoy!

ADW EX 5x10
Custom Statusbar
WidgetLocker (churapa-mod)
Variations Icons by GuillenDesign

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Time

Here's another shot of MIUI on my Droid X. I am finally getting the phone to where I want it to be. MIUI is hands down the coolest ROM I have ever used. The customization on it is unbelievable!

MIUI 2x2 clock
Minimalistic Text with Lowvetica font
iPhone 4g status bar
VA Dark Theme dock
MIUI default lock screen
The lockscreen wall can be found right here link

And as always, be sure to keep up with me on DeviantArt

Bars II

Still working on my new theme called Bars!
Changed the battery icon and added made a 3g icon
thanks to WormDoes for the battery idea!

Widgetlocker Theme: Custom
Minimalistic Text Font:Steinerlight
Icons:Streaks [link]
Muisc:Ubermusic Beta 3 1x1
Mclock by WormDoes, black strip mod by me[NFR]
Dock By WormDoes
LauncherPro Plus 10x10

be original by mzmz83

Icons search for "Faenza", you'll find lot's of great icons
Theme Orion
MIUI analog clock mod [another] Analog Clock Mod
SMS Unread Count Widget


Brown by Vipitus

Hi all.

This is my first post on this blog. I'm very glad I can contribute my work here ;)
Cookies for you mates :P

ROM: CyanogenMod7
Launcher: ADW Launcher EX (5x7 grid)
Font: Opficio
Widget: Minimalistic Text
Lockscreen: WidgetLocker 2.1 with MIUI theme by mr.megi
Icons - from SWG Cream theme for MIUI
Homescreen wall
Lockscreen wall

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My mClock Mod

Here's my mClock mod I've been working on. It's still a work in progress and I'll be releasing it soon.

The dock is also something new I just made based off my last dock "Stripe by WormDoes"

MIUI Version 2

Finally getting adjusted to having MIUI on my Droid X!

Still figuring things out but here is my first decent setup with this awesome ROM!

I usually post all links and wallpapers to my deviantart. So be sure to follow that too! :)

Darkr47z status bar with the framework by Akoe101 and behemoth
Aeolus HD dock and icons by *Raadius
MIUI 2x2 clock widget

Converse vintage by mzmz83

Hi, I'm mzmz83 and  we wanna show you some awesome Android stuff on our Blog.
First of all I uploaded one my favourite deviation on deviantArt. I hope you enjoy it.
Feel free to ask.

Homescreen: BobClockD3; LauncherPro; SiMi Folder Widget

Lockscreen: WidgetLocker; SiMi Clock Widget; SMS Unread Count

Saturday, July 23, 2011


HTC Thunderbolt OMFGB


Minimalistic Text

MetroStation Icons Modded by Me

LP+ 8x7

Stripe by WormDoes

Here's a LP+ dock I made for myself but, after getting asked about it I decided to release it.

Download it HERE

Super Mnml Widget Locker Theme

It is a sense slider not a miui slider, there are three parts:

one phone slider
one sms slider
and one unlock slider

you put them all together and it will look like my screenshot

*thanks to dbilliter for the phone and sms icons

*Note extract the zip to desktop then you will find three individual wl theme zips extract those to sdcard



The Good Life

HTC Thunderbolt | CM7

Lock Screen
Widgetlocker (long white bar mod)
Minimalistic Text

Home Screen
Daily Calendar mClock
Desktop Visualizer

Statusbar Mod for CM7

Taine0 over at xda has come up with a statusbar mod for cm7, which centers the clock and changes the notification placement and pulldown bar, go check it out at:


Streaks Icon Set

This is my first icon set that i made, called Streaks! Anyone requests for more icons, lemme know!

Minimal Frame By Akoe101

Akoe101 has been one of many minimal themers out there and this is some of his work that he has released for the general public!


Widgetlocker Themes By djdeez

Here are a few widgetlocker themes from one of my favorite widgetlocker themers, dj deez!


mClock Mods

Here is a list of mClock mods, if you have any that are not posted above, please feel free to share!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Bars CM7 Theme

Hi Guys,
Kgill7 here and i just started this blog, so people can share what they are rocking on their Android phones. Come and share everyone is welcome, post your screenshots, mods, and share info/advice!

I am currently working on a new theme for CM7 called, Bars. If anyone has suggestions for the theme, it is welcome!

*Bars Theme[WIP]
*Minimalistic Text: Steinerlight Font
*Icons: Streaks
*Uber Music Beta 3 4x2
*LauncherPro 10x10
*Widgetlocker Theme: SuperMnml

Anything else you need let me know!