Monday, September 19, 2011

We're Not Done Just Yet

MIUI 1.9.16 w/ Extended Settings Mod

LG Optimus Lockscreen
LunarUi/evoluer Status Bar

Minimalistic Text


  1. Where can I get the picture frame?
    It looks good!

  2. could you post your back up pleaseee

  3. How do you get the th at the end of the day, or is it just static text? Oh and how did you manage the 1st letter a different colour on the month? Thank you.

  4. Both are static text. I wrote out september, S being seperate so I could color it.

    And yea after the date, th is static so same thing

  5. How do u manage to make picture frame to look like that?I dunno what to do with the xml file that is included?

  6. That status bar is poppin. I actually downloaded the LunarUI theme, but it's not for I just change it to mtz?? Let's see if that works.

  7. Cupidslayer, you keep the file zipped and place it in - sdcard>MIUI>gadget>photo_frame

    When editing the widget you'll then have ur new option or options if u added more than one that is.

    Blackwicki, no. I've renamed all the images and fitted the battery images to work for miui, and still am working on stuff for it