Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lyrically Perform Armed Robbery

HTC Thunderbolt

Widgetlocker (Inspired by Tranquility LS for iPhone)
Badge Unlock by May Electric
Minimalistic Text
Simple Elegance mClock
Fancy Widget Pro w/ Devolted Skin
DVR w/ AeolusHD Project Dark Icons
Custom FW NFR (Will be sticking with this for a while. Finally happy with it)
LP+ 9×10 w/ Wodden Dock
Music Mod by Sour Cherry Designs
The Infamous and Ever Popular Bar code Battery

mClock, Music Mod, Wallpapers, Icons and Dock are linked on my Deviant Page


  1. how do you get the barcode battery to show the percent highlighted?..every time i do it it just shows numbers for whatever its at

  2. very nice. Any link to the barcode battery i can't find it not sure if it's in the market. thanks

  3. Thanks, guys. The battery is just minimalistic text with bar code font from If you search the xda screen shot thread e.cardo was nice enough to post the font and his MT preference

  4. SLeek. love this. Gotta ask tho, what nofication bar is that? miui? just trying to duplicate! thanks a lot.