Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ok so showing a preview of my icon set that im working on called, Illest!

Tell What You Think, and im taking requests for icons!

*Miui 1.8.26
*LauncherPro 9x10
*Minimalistic Text
*Dock by WormDoes
*Bars LS by Me
*Got the theme from Elboco

Need Anything Ask!


  1. Extremely cool set thus far. I especially like the polaroid and text ones. Maybe I'd recommend a browser one and something for games. Good work!

  2. i made one for miren browser last row to the right and the im having trouble with the regular browser icon, if you have suggestions lemme know, and yea im making one for games, and thank you!

  3. Would LOVE to test these icons out, hint hint. Add a twitter icon and a dolphin and/or chrome browser icon and this shit is money

  4. great icons, especially the polaroid !! i would take them right now! :)
    hmm.. icon requests.. definitely the espn score center, score mobile fc, whatsapp, chrome browser icon, shazam, googles, google translator.. there are soo many :) stay tuned!

  5. lol thanks, will be adding those to the list, and yea thats my fav one too, gotta love polaroid!

  6. Did you photoshop the icons to the wallpaper?

  7. nope used desktop visualizer 1x1 ss

  8. hmm could you make icons for wordfeud and words with friends?