Sunday, September 18, 2011


this is my weekend setup :D

ADW ex+notifier
Custom statusbar by me
WL Theme by me
Mix icons (packy and pixelophilia )
Pure music widget

tell me what you need ;)


  1. Nice setup m8... Could you please tell me how you managed to get the transparent status bar with ADW ex? :-D

  2. love it! could you link the wallpapers and status bar please?

  3. @ anonym
    just unchecked the wallpaper hack from adw setting

    @ ruvort
    LS Wall

    Do you mean the statusbar background?

  4. Hey, could you PLEASE share that status bar? I love it so much. It's perfect. Maybe you can't release it publicly, but please email it to me? Consider it?

    Also, can you please share your home screen wallpaper?

  5. @ jason
    so sorry, is not my theme. i just change the signal, wifi, battery icon and the statusbar background. i dont have permission to release the whole theme.
    here the HS wall