Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gloozy mClock Skin by d3stroy

d3stroy has made some awesome before and now hes had come out with a new mClock skin called, Gloozy!

Installation :

Unzip the files to your sdcard (sdcard/mClock/gloozy)
Be sure to use the exact location as shown above, or the clock background will NOT work.


Make sure you have mClock installed from the app market!

Here's a link to d3stroy's deviantart: Link


  1. good find & thanks for sharing. :) I'm gonna get it even though I don't use mclock & try it out.

  2. How do you get this clock to work in as a 12hr clock?

  3. @suprano i know this clock is sik

    @anonymous open up the xml file find where it says 24hr and change it to 12