Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clouded Vision

Illest Icons by KGill (SMS, Phone, Home, Beats, Games)
PurityFS Gmail and Twitter
MusicMod by King David
Delighted 0.1 Widgetlocker Slider
Minimalistic Text
LP+ 10×10 (Dock made by Gomorrah)
Custom Framework (NFR)


  1. hi!

    i just wanted to know, what "custom framework(NFR)" and LP+ 10x10 means?!? and how can i get that?? tyvm ;)

  2. im guessin (nfr) means not for release?.. lp+ is launcher pro plus an app you can find in the market..10x10 is the columns and rows which you can find in the settings once you download launcher pro

  3. everything makes so much sense now ^^
    since i know what ur saying, but somehow i couldnt figure it out :P

  4. Thanks for answering his questions for me dopemethodz

  5. Could I get the dock please? I think it is awesome and I love it.