Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rumah Kaca

CM7 Android 2.3.7
Custom theme by me
MIUILauncher by Vipitus
Page indicators mod by me
Notification Bubble mod by me using BubbleBadge by kevins555
Chronotopia mod (date) by me using mmtnns flatewhite background
GlasklartHD Icon
FancyWidgetPro with Glasklart Weather icon mod by me

Chronotopia mod (Clock) by me using Chrisbank's Glassclock bg
Chronotopia mod (Battery line) by me
GlassyPullit WidgetLocker theme by me

Wanna have this theme on your MIUI Launcher? Download here [link] :D

Happy New Year everyone, wish you all the best!
See you in 2012 ;)

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