Sunday, December 18, 2011


Just a quick headsup guys. This is the MiLocker that gives you the option to change lockscreen styles/themes on your Android device. It has all and lovely MIUI Lockscreen Themes which can be applied on your phone.

It supports Android 2.3.. If you are however running ICS rom, this wont work. I'm on cm7 and it works perfect for me :).

All you have to do is download the MiLocker apk and install it.
If its not installing enable "Unknown sources" or adb push it you are rooted. However you want.
Open the app and select whatever theme you want and simply HIT Apply.

If you already dont have any miui lockscreen theme on your sdcard, you can simply download whatever you prefer through the app. You can also change LS wallpaper if you want.

Im only Sharing and all credit to the devs who made this.

App is available in the market, however some people cant see it so head here to download the apk. Enjoy :D


If you also want the modified version of MIUI Launcher based on QQ Launcher, check here. Credit to Vipitus

MIUI Native Music app also here.(if interested)

ENJOY!! :)


  1. awesome thanks for the info! so since you are just posting this from another site do you not have the JDM wallpaper?

  2. worrrrrrrrrrrrrrd..thanks for this.. i saw it but i didnt look into it

  3. @mr.x : the wallpaper is in the lockscreen theme when you download it. I made the screenshots but I only linked the apps..