Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Matte Icon Set v1.1

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you my Matte Icon Set v1.1!

Over 100 icons themed so far, more coming soon!

Mtz for miui and zip for everyone else!

Not taking any requests at the moment!

Download Mtz:Link
Download Zip:Link

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  1. first to download I guess ..good job bro :)

  2. Music to my freaking ears. I downloaded and rethemed my phone with the new icons before I left a comment :P Great job man. I'm glad these icons have color. My screen looked weird with my social icons being colorful and my SMS, phone, and dolphin browser icons being white. Are we going to see a full matte theme like you did for illest?

  3. @taylor lol thanks and only theme that is gonna have the matte icons is Bars Theme for miui, but soon i will be updating the cm7 version of Bars to include the icons!

  4. Totally wicked!!! thanks a lot!!! waiting for this new set!!!!

  5. @anonymous no prob and thanks! enjoy :)

  6. awesome! if you dont mind, i will make a zip for MIUILauncher theme. thank you bro ;)

  7. @mutia thanks bro and yea sure go for it :)

  8. Thanks for your work bro