Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MNML Statusbar Theme for Samsung GNEX v1.1

Update to v1.1

Features List Check Image Above.

There are two versions one for Maguro and Toro.

Currently only for AOKP Build 27 Rom.

Flashing Instructions:
1.Make Backup First
2.Download Zip
3.Put on Root of Sdcard
4.Boot into Recovery and Flash

Big Thanks to banksmi09 for the carrier logo xml :)

Need Anything Ask!


  1. what is the icon in the top left notification . its driving me crazy and I would like to know how to clear it

  2. lol its the carrier logo, it wont disappear, will try to make it disappear when you get notifications in the next update.

  3. Ok thx yea when I was running miui on the days of my of Droid I would always flash to remove the carrier logo. And that was text that said Verizon the icon just makes me want to pull down the notification panel. Although maybe the vzw check mark would look good being there would be a smaller percentage of white not drawing the eye to it. Overall though keep up the good work love the stuff you put out even if I don't use it all

  4. Can we get an update for B28, please? I can't live without this mod D:

  5. bro...would u please update dis mod for aokp build 30? :) thanks