Sunday, February 19, 2012

Minimalistic Skys

I wanted to do something a lil simple..
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (LTE)
WL Theme-Glass tab (by me) NFR ATM..Unlock is placed with minimalisticText
Softkeys (by me)
MNML statusbar by kgill77 (battery modded by me)
Geometry icons by pk1st on deviantart
The 2 large geometry icons on the LS and the right screen(modded by me) and overlapped minimalisticText for time and date
Beautiful Widgets 4x1 matte white skin


  1. I love these screenshots! On a side note, how do I do to have those softkeys, they rock!

    1. Thank you very much! For the softkeys..u must be rooted..and there are several ways to go about modding them...but IMO the easiest way is to decompile the systemui.apk using root explorer..replace the images in res\drawable-xhdpi.. rezip the systemui and rename to systemui.apk and move it back to system/app/. On galaxy nexus themes there is a softkey mods thread that gives full detail instructions for each method of modding the softkeys. Hope this helps