Monday, January 23, 2012

Reboard Ribbon Miui LS

So I jacked my dads phone and put Miui on it, just to release this lockscreen to you guys :)

Reboard Ribbon Miui LS

Double Tap Clock for Music Controls
Simple Slide to Unlock

Big Thanks to h_zee13 for helping me out with some xml stuff

Download Mtz: Link

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  1. Oh so sweet. I was hoping it would come with the wallpaper too :D but ill go find that in a minute. Glad to have you back on MIUI, even if its temporary.

  2. The uh, so far gone wallpaper. I'm lazy and tried to wait for the theme before I downloaded it.

  3. Nice job bro. Why is there no MIUI for the gsm nexus yet? Its out for my lte.

  4. @taylor lol oh

    @smcdo123 thanks bro and its out, but its hi-res screen, so the themeing is off, we have to resize for gnex, this is for hdpi miui phones

  5. I've follow this site about a month. And what I see is you have got a very2 creative idea to make our phone so nice to look for all time bro..Thank you!

    Im waiting your new update MIUI Themes + illest update!