Saturday, January 7, 2012

Draped Up and Dripped Out

A New Year..With Some New Screen's
MIUI 12.9 on an Incredible 2
Theme is Black Ice 2.3 / Bars with some SoCal mod's
Icons provided by KGill7
Minimalistic Text Widget with VTKS font
Sidekick Lockscreen with SoCal mod
Custom Wallpaper NFR
Jordans Pictured are the 3's GS Flips
Track Pictured "Bottles and Rockin J's" Fabolous feat Busta Rhymes The Game Lil Wayne & Rick Ross

You want it..ask for it!
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  1. Pardon my french, but this set up is fuckin' badass. ENVY all over.

  2. Hey can you send it to me :D?