Monday, October 31, 2011

Illest Theme for Miui v2

Here is the second release of Illest for Miui. Please use your default email account, because that is where i will be sending the theme and updates for the theme. No refunds will be made! I am willing to take suggestions for additional icons or changes to the theme. Once you buy it, you will receive an email with the theme!

If you already bought the first version you will receive the new update in the email you bought the theme with!

*Whats New:
*Updated Lockscreen
*New Icons
*Custom Dialer

*Illest Icon Set
*Custom Statusbar
*Custom Sense Lockscreen
*Custom Indicators
*Icon Folder
*Themed Notifcation Pulldown
*Volume and Download Bar

Theme Is For A $1


  1. Just grabbed it...very nice.

  2. @suprano thanks bro
    @stephen thanks

  3. joooo just bought your theme ;) really like that setup! i will maybe tweak it for my own purpose but reeeally great work :D

    ah, is it possible to change the email adress for further updates? cause my paypal hasnt got my google adress! contact my throught the paypal or the google email pls

  4. I need to ask, can this be used on an unrooted Samsung Galaxy SII? I love this theme. thanks

  5. @purcy no this will not work on that, you have to root the phone then have miui on ur phone

  6. would love to buy but the "Buy Now" option is not working.


  7. go here and it should work:

    idk why this one isnt working?

  8. Trying to click the link and all it does is tell me to sign in but no purcase option. Just takes e to the homepage whereas the other "buy nows" take you to the actual purchase page. Been trying to figure this out for the longest time.