Friday, July 22, 2011

Bars CM7 Theme

Hi Guys,
Kgill7 here and i just started this blog, so people can share what they are rocking on their Android phones. Come and share everyone is welcome, post your screenshots, mods, and share info/advice!

I am currently working on a new theme for CM7 called, Bars. If anyone has suggestions for the theme, it is welcome!

*Bars Theme[WIP]
*Minimalistic Text: Steinerlight Font
*Icons: Streaks
*Uber Music Beta 3 4x2
*LauncherPro 10x10
*Widgetlocker Theme: SuperMnml

Anything else you need let me know!


  1. Nice theme in the works there! I'm looking forward to seeing the final result. Long time designer of my own themes, but never really made any for people besides my family and friends. And I just finally "splurged" and bought WidgetLocker this weekend... I can't wait to get some free time to set it up! Gonna have to dig through xda to find that theme thread!

    equi_design (on xda)