Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Softkeys Pack

Softkeys Pack.

Has 6 Softkeys.

Not a flashable zip, images are properly named drop in systemui.

Reboard Softkeys
DMND Softkeys
Star Softkeys
XOXO Softkeys
Stars N Skulls Softkeys[Never Used]
Eighttrack Softkeys

Enjoy :)

Need Anything Ask!


  1. Cool bro release these then leave us gnex users. Cool bro cool. haha jp I feel you on getting tired of the gnex luckily AOKP keeps getting nice new features.unlike the other roms that just copy anyway enjoy the one x :) please keep releasing stuff though whether it be for the one x or not

  2. So so these aren't for the galaxy nexus -_- feel let down

    1. yes they are? You just drop them in your system ui. If you need help ill help you or if your on AOKP b31 you can easily change them in rom control.

  3. Oh lol i thought they was for something else cuz i was reading your comment

  4. Could you help me install these im on aokp 30 i dont know how to put these in system ui

    1. Use root explorer. Navigate to your system/app/systemui.apk. Once you get there long press on the systemui.apk and click unzip. It will unzip the .apk and then ask if you want to go to where it unzipped. Click yes. After that go to where the softkey images are located and move them into your unzipped systemui under drawablexhpdi or something like that. After that go to the unzipped systemui folder and zip it. It will take a few minutes then click yes to go where it zipped it. After that long press on systemui.zip and rename it to .apk. Naviagte back to your system/app and paste the new systemui.apk into there. Then change permissions by long pressing and making them match the other .apks in system/ app......This sounds hard and confusing but once you do it one time its easy. Make a backup because certain themes do it not play nice with this. Black exodous does, ghost theme, and sonnys themes do not. Or you can just upgrade to AOKP B31 :)