Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Im Back

Finally Back on Miui :)

Samsung Galaxy Nexus[GSM]
MIUI v4 2.3.16
Silince LS
Stock MIUI Launcher
Illest Statusbar[By Me]
UCCW 4x2 Widget[Simple Date]
Fresh N Clean Icon Set[By Me]
Illest Page Indicators[By Me]
Reboard SoftKeys[By Me]

For Now Illest Statusbar for Miui is NFR, its a WIP.

Carrier Logo Text Changed w/ CarrierName.apk

Thanks to morgynbrytt for the tape frame ;)

Need Anything Ask!


  1. what does uccw stand for? are you going to release that status bar PLEASE!!?? can iget the page indicators?

    1. hiho! great work ;)
      mind sharin a "clean" miui v4 .mtz, so that i can start workin on that bi***? :D

      and what miui rom u got there? in my version the carrier text isnt working ;(

      ty so far

    2. forget that carrier thing, overread it somehow ^^

      but still, what miui u got?

    3. @anonymous it stands for ultimate custom clock, here is the thread link:

      and the statusbar for v4 will be released soon and page indicators are nfr since its from my paid theme.

      @poser187 u can find a miui v4 template on and i got ultimatemiui rom gsm version from xda

  2. Could you share your soft keys ??
    Thanks bro .

    1. yea sure here you go: