Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project Theme Manager is a Go!

The Guys over at n3xgenapps have developed a new app called the, Theme Manager!

Here's what they said in their thread on XDA:

Ok, its that time now! 

Attention Android Themers! Project Theme Manager is a Go!

We are opening our newest project to the public in Beta form. Now is your chance if you want to be a part of this exciting new project!

The public website is at and registration is free and open.

To Android Themers:

We need your assistance in getting this project off the ground. Without your themes in the public listing, this project is completely useless. For that reason, we are not releasing the Android App just yet. I'm sure you know the public would tear it apart in the market with bad reviews for lack of theme choice and 1 stars, etc.

Feel free to join us on Freenode IRC (#N3xGenApps) at any time for more information or to give some feedback, or even just to chat.

To the rest of the public:

Expect the Android App to hit the market (FREE) in a few days, at which time I will make another announcement. We encourage you all to talk to your favorite themers and let them know about this project so you can see your favorite themes on in the app when it is released.

Thanks, and as always, enjoy!

Go on and join these guys are awesome, be on the lookout for their app releasing soon!!!

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  1. Now i will start blog here cause a friend ask me to help you here :)
    Check my work on :

    I will beta test this if i can please and i will put 2 of my themes for the start of the application . Mail me on for apk .

    Good job guy's :)